HTML tags in Jira notifications (batching email notifications)

What is batching email notifications?

Batching email notifications is a feature introduced in Jira 8. The feature groups events that occurred in a Jira issue within the last 2-10 minutes, and sends a single notification email that lists the changes.

You can find more information about the feature here:

Why do I see HTML tags in batching email notifications?

The Batchers app (the add-on that provides the Batching email notifications feature) uses a diff renderer to highlight changes made by a user with green and red background. This diff renderer cannot display changes in an HTML document and forces the plain text format.


Fortunately, it's easy to modify the Batchers app and fix the diff renderer. There's no need to restart Jira nodes after installing the altered version of the Batchers app. The modified version retains the diff functionality.

Each Jira version comes with a corresponding version of the Batchers add-on.

Please get in touch with our support team (use our support portal or send an email to, and we will provide the modified Batchers add-on for your specific Jira version. We can also provide instructions on how to alter the Batchers app.

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