How Russian invasion of Ukraine affected our team

Dear All,

We want to share our team's view on what's happening in Ukraine and explain how the war is affecting us.

  • We are a multi-national team of software developers, QA engineers, and support specialists who come from different countries;
  • Part of our team (support/maintenance engineers) is located in Ukraine (Kyiv and Chernihiv);
  • Our colleagues and friends are now soldiers (the Kyiv homeland defense force). They must defend their land and their families from barbaric aggression that was unexpected and uncalled for;
  • We condemn this war. We condemn the actions of the Russian Federation, its government, and specifically its leader, Vladimir Putin, who is personally responsible for every victim of this war;
  • We at Bobronix share a vision of a free world where every nation decides on how to build its future;

We apologize for the delays in new features and bug fixes that have already happened and will happen in the next few weeks. Our team's main goal remains unchanged — to provide excellent software and exceptional service to all customers.


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