JEditor 3.9.5 release notes

New features

  • JEditor now generates temporary security tokens for inline images in notification emails.
    These security tokens are generated automatically when Jira sends the notification and provide access to a single image for 7 days (this will become a configurable option in future releases).
    ​Please note:
      1. This feature requires the Use Jira links parameter to be disabled (Jira administration > Manage apps > JEditor > Settings > Uploads > Use Jira links).
      2. If you use a modified version of the Batchers app (batching email notifications), you may need an update that works correctly with security tokens. Our support team will be happy to help you with this update. 
  • A new context tool (toolbar button) for numbered/bulleted lists – List Properties. The list properties tool allows users to change the list style (for example, for a bulleted list, you can switch between circle, disk, and square styles).

Bug fixes

  • [JSM] [Customer Portal] The comment field is not focused when adding a new comment in a request.
  • Users should be able to add checkboxes without a dialog.
  • When the Auto Init On HTML parameter is disabled, and the field value starts with HTML code, JEditor should initialize automatically.
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