JEditor 3.9.0 release notes

New features

  • New JEditor language option - Auto (Jira). This option allows JEditor to use the current Jira language.
  • It is now possible to paste Excel tables as images (JEditor > Settings > Paste Excel Tables As Images). This feature is in the Beta state (meaning that the behavior is subject to change with no prior notice). The feature does not work in IE11 (the browser does not support it). After pasting the table as an image, the user will have the option to convert the image back to an editable table. However, it is only possible to do that before saving the changes.
  • It is now possible to change the default Jira's inline editing behavior (JEditor > Settings > Easy Inline Editing). When the option is enabled, the behavior is usual. If you disable this option, clicking the field's contents will not trigger inline editing. Instead, users will have to click the pencil button (to the right of the field).
  • We've added the option to not automatically initialize JEditor when editing a field that contains HTML formatting (JEditor > Settings > Auto Init On HTML). This feature is in the Beta state (meaning that the behavior is subject to change with no prior notice). This new option is related to JEditor's wiki mode. We do not recommend disabling it (because your users may be confused when they see a default Jira's editor full of HTML tags).
  • Allow Outer Updates is now a configurable parameter (JEditor > Settings > Allow Outer Updates). This function existed before, but it was a JEditor's module that Jira system admins needed to enable/disable. The feature allows 3rd-party apps (like ScriptRunner) or scripts to manipulate JEditor-enabled fields. Please note: this option is kind of dangerous. A poorly formed script may impair a field (for example, if such a script repeatedly resets a field value, the field will keep blinking, and users will not be able to control the cursor).
  • The Image Shadow is now a configurable parameter (JEditor > Settings > Image Shadow). We've recently added a drop-shadow effect to images in JEditor-enabled fields. Some users liked the effect, and others did not. It is now possible to enable or disable it.


  • We've temporarily removed the Import/Export config links. We will rewire these functions and return them ASAP.
  • The Restore Defaults link (JEditor > Settings > Restore Defaults) now restores the factory settings only on the JEditor Settings page. Other pages (Toolbar, Templates, etc.) are not affected.

Bug fixes

  • Custom JEditor instances do not display all templates associated with a project.
  • Dragging a project-level template without changing the order still triggers a configuration change.
  • Clicks to project-level template's Edit/Delete links may result in dragging.
  • Clicking on an Edit button on the global project templates screen causes a null pointer exception.
  • After making changes to checkboxes in the Jira issue view and starting inline editing, the changes are reverted.
  • JEditor Renderer fails to linkify an issue key when the related project key is longer than 10 chars.
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