story is a new social collaboration platform that provides groups with a unified, cloud-based workspace of digital tools for planning, managing, delivering, and monitoring their members. allows organizations to focus on their missions without the burden of technology or administrative hassles.

Behind this complex platform is a passionate team ready to tackle any issue that comes about. To ensure everything runs smoothly, leverages Jira to track and collaborate on pending Features and Updates to our platform.

Historically, Jira's main description field does not allow any HTML markup. While Atlassian has since implemented their own (extremely simplistic) WYSIWYG editor, it is not very sophisticated. uses Bobronix's JEditor (WYSIWYG HTML editor for Jira) to track issues in a way that has a consistent look and feel to match all of our other internal technology.


As important as aesthetics are, the WYSIWYG editor's customization is only the second biggest value provided to by Bobronix. JEditor has improved the organization of our project management and CRM as well. With everything in one place, the team can collaborate across all areas of our platform, boosting productivity.

Noemi Rieber,

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