JEditor 3.7.9 release notes


  • Added a new left-click action that enlarges downscaled images (only works when JEditor > Settings > Default Image Width is set to 0/auto);

Bug fixes

  • [SD] [3rd-party-app] horizontal scrollbar in Refined for JSD's create request view;
  • [SD] [3rd-party-app] fixed Comment field initialization in Refined for JSD's comment view;
  • ​[SD] removed prepending blank line from agent signatures (edit a signature if you need an additional blank line);
  • fixed a problem where ​mixed HTML/XML formatting broke the layout of the regular issue view page;
  • added tracking of changes made by the browser's spellchecker;
  • fixed/changed the position of the JEditor additional issue details module (jeditor-module);
  • fixed a problem where users were unable to shrink images when auto-rescale was disabled;
  • fixed a rare problem where pasted images were not saved; happened when the paste operation had been the last action before saving;
  • fixed a rare problem where JEditor failed to initialize after re-opening a dialog immediately (<1s) after closing it;
  • fixed a rare problem with jeditor_attached_image_provider where the controller failed to serve images;
  • fixed a rare problem where the markup separator (###JEDITOR_MARKUP_SEPARATOR###) appeared in fields after editing issues in Global Wiki Mode;
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