JEditor 3.7.x upgrade notes

Disruptive changes warning

There're three disruptive changes in JEditor 3.7.x:

  • JEditor PDF button now starts a browser print dialog instead of using the server to create a PDF file;
    This change is temporary. It is caused by a security issue in the server-side PDF printing library that we used to print PDFs. As soon as we fix the vulnerability, we will return the function to its previous state.
  • The Wiki Mode button is now stateless;
    Previously, clicking the Wiki Mode button not only switched JEditor into the Wiki Mode but also forced the field to stay in that mode until the user changed the mode manually. This behavior was frustrating for most users, and we decided to change it.
  • The old wiki editor (pre-RTE) is not supported in the Wiki Mode anymore;
    If you use JEditor's Wiki Mode make sure that Jira RTE is enabled in Jira administration > System > Rich text editor.
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