JEditor 3.5.0 release notes

Added project-level templates

In JEditor 3.5.0, we've added a new feature - project-level templates. This feature allows project administrators to create and edit project-level templates that appear in the JEditor Templates dialog and/or autofill JEditor fields on the Create Issue screen.

You can find more information about the new feature here: Project-level Templates.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue link rendering - rendered issue link is broken when the mentioned issue's summary contains certain characters pattern (a mix of quotes and angle brackets)
  • Fixed the rendering of inline images in MS Outlook (desktop version)
  • Added aggressive filtering when pasting from Google Chrome - when copy-pasting formatted data from a web-page opened in Google Chrome a lot of garbage HTML/inline-CSS is added (the severity depends on the source page but in certain cases, the amount of garbage code can be >90% of total pasted data)
  • Fixed the rendering of data on Jira pages - in some cases, JEditor threw an error after rendering and this could interfere with other add-ons functionality
  • Improved performance when loading and initializing JEditor Configuration
  • [SD] Fixed text wrapping on the customer portal's view ticket screen
  • Fixed folding blocks inside Tab containers
  • Fixed interactive JEditor elements (tab containers, folding blocks) on the Issue Search screen
  • Fixed the page unload warning on the JETI preview screen that appeared when JEditor was enabled as JETI's mail body editor
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