JEditor 3.4.0 release notes

Added JEditor CSV/TSV export

In JEditor 3.4.0, we've added a new feature — JEditor CSV/TSV export. The feature is available on the Jira Search View screen:


When you click JEditor CSV or JEditor TSV section, JEditor will export all issues from your search in CSV or TSV (tab-separated values) format. JEditor always exports current fields; there's no option to export all fields.

When exporting fields, JEditor will remove all HTML-formatting from JEditor-enabled fields to keep exported results readable.

If you need to hide JEditor CSV/TSV items from the Export menu do the following:

  1. Go to Jira administration > Apps > Manage apps
  2. Expand JEditor app
  3. Expand JEditor's list of modules
  4. Disable JEditor CSV and/or JEditor TSV module

Bug fixes

  • Added support for MS Excel proprietary cell-border styles
  • Fixed Mutable Form compatibility with new JEditor Forms
  • Added a new variable for Mutable Forms: {row-index}
  • Added support for date-type input fields
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