JEditor 3.1.x upgrade notes

Disruptive change warning

After upgrading to JEditor 3.1.x, all instances of JEditor for SD will be disabled. You will need to re-enable them by creating field schemes for every field in every request type where you want JEditor. Configuring all required fields may take some time. We suggest doing this upgrade during the maintenance window.

JEditor for SD: new configuration interface

We have added a separate configuration menu for JEditor for SD. In JEditor 3.1.0 release it contains just two items:

  • Field Schemes
  • Toolbars


Please note: this menu only appears when:

  1. Service Desk app is installed and licensed
  2. JEditor app is installed after the Service Desk app

JEditor must load certain classes from the Service Desk app. Our app loads these classes during installation. If at the moment of the plugin startup, the required Service Desk classes are not available, JEditor will not be able to import them even if you install Service Desk after that.
If you have Service Desk installed and you don't see JEditor for SD menu, re-install JEditor (install the same version on top of itself without uninstalling).

Field Schemes


In Field Schemes, you can enable JEditor for separate fields per request type per service desk. JEditor supports the following fields:

  • Description
  • Comment
  • Custom multi-line text fields

Each field scheme has the following additional parameters:

  • Toolbar (required) - see below.
  • Template (optional) - a template from JEditor > Templates. If selected, the corresponding field will be pre-populated with that template.



In Toolbars, you can create toolbars for Service Desk fields. There's a default toolbar that pre-exists and cannot be deleted. You can edit it for your needs. If you delete toolbars that are part of existing field schemes, the field schemes will fall back to the default toolbar. The default toolbar also works as a template for new toolbars.

Removed modules

The following modules have been removed:

  • JEditor for CP Users
  • JEditor SD Comment
  • JEditor SD Agent Comment
  • JEditor SD Description
  • JEditor SD Environment
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