JEditor 3.0.6 release notes

Bug fixes

  • fixed the "unexpected end of JSON input" error that appeared during rendering under certain circumstances
  • fixed toolbar responsiveness in Firefox
  • fixed the PDF button on the Search screen
  • fixed the Content-Disposition header in the response from the proprietary attachments controller
  • fixed certain links being broken after saving data (such as JQL query links)
  • fixed the wiki mode button in SD

Security note

The Content-Disposition header fix is related to the security of the proprietary attachments controller. The fix prevents browsers from opening attached .html files (as well as other potentially unsafe file types) when users click the corresponding attachment link.

We will keep improving the security of the Links feature. One of the next versions will bring the option to force users to confirm navigation when they click a link pointing to an external URL. ETA is the end of June.

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