JEditor 3.0.5 release notes

The Image button on JEditor for SD toolbar

Customer portal users can now upload image files (only png and jpg files are supported). JEditor for SD will automatically insert uploaded images at the cursor position.

There're some known limitations:

  • There's no image properties dialog;
  • Image file size must be less than 10MB;
  • JEditor replaces '&', '+' and '  ' (ampersand, plus, and space) chars in image file names with '-' (hyphen);
  • For customer portal users who are not Jira users (those who have no access to Jira), it's required to have the following parameters in JEditor Configuration:
    • Attach Uploads = On
    • Image Links = Native Links

Bug Fixes

  • ​An exception is thrown when other add-ons insert data rendered by JEditor into DOM outside of general Jira context (thanks to the Agile Cards team for reporting this issue)
  • The Add Comment button remains disabled if Threaded Comments add-on is enabled
  • In Firefox, after inserting @mention, the cursor remains inside the link
  • [SD] Automatically inserted knowledge base links (KB suggestions) remain unrendered
  • Sometimes, a one-time exception in constructor appears after upgrading from JEditor 2.x to JEditor 3.x
  • [SD] The KB column on the customer portal create screen is too small when JEditor is enabled
  • [SD] JEditor fails to prepopulate the description on customer portals that have a 3-digit ID
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