JEditor 3.0.x upgrade notes

New regular expression format in JEditor Replace feature

Replace rules (JEditor Configuration > Replace) in JEditor 2.x used Java regexp format. Starting from 3.0.0 JEditor uses JavaScript regexp format. If you use regexp patterns in your replace rules, you will need to update them. Feel free to contact our support asking for help with this feature.

Replace rules that don't use regular expressions in the REPLACE field are not affected.

Removed toolbar items

We have removed certain toolbar items in JEditor 3:

  • Flash dialog
  • Paste
  • Paste as text
  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Justify
  • Replace dialog
  • Preview
  • Print
  • Show blocks
  • Image button dialog
  • Hidden field dialog
  • Page break
  • iFrame

Note: users can access the Copy/Cut/Paste buttons from the browser's right-click menu that is now available without the Ctrl key.

Downgrading from JEditor 3.x to JEditor 2.x

Downgrading process from version 3.x to version 2.x didn't change. If you need to downgrade JEditor you need to uninstall your current version and install JEditor 2.x. After that, you may need to re-enable JEditor modules related to Service Desk: JEditor for CP users, JEditor SD Comment, JEditor SD Description.

Compatibility with 3rd party apps that use JEditor API

If you use JEditor with other add-ons such as PDF Exporter you may want to test this integration on your side before upgrading. Such integrations depend heavily on particular end-user data. While JEditor always generates valid HTML code, it is possible that some apps do not support all available HTML tags and features.

JEditor 3.0.0 shouldn't break JETI-JEditor integration. However, this will happen in one of the next versions due to our intention to fix the namespace conflict between JEditor and several other add-ons. When this happens we will stress this out in the release notes.
We've already communicated the upcoming changes to the JETI's team.

Integration with ScriptRunner shouldn't be damaged.


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