Top 5 reasons why you need JEditor in your Jira

1. With JEditor you can paste from MS Word / Outlook / Excel / Sharepoint into Jira retaining original document formatting and styles*

* certain calculated styles (like %done or flag) are not exported when copying data

Consider pasting the following table copied from MS Excel into Jira:


Here's what you get if you paste using JEditor:


Here's what you get when you paste using Jira's default editor (visual mode):


2. With JEditor you can structurize your data using a tabs container or create your own formatting elements

To enable Tabs, go to JEditor Configuration > Toolbar and check the HandyTabs element.


JEditor supports HTML templates, custom JavaScript and CSS code. Using this stack of technologies you can add literally anything to your Jira fields.


3. With JEditor you can add math into your Jira fields

JEditor supports MathJax - a library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers, using LaTeX markup.

You can use MathJax served by CDN (default setting) or host your own copy on a web server and configure JEditor to use that copy.

To enable MathJax, go to JEditor Configuration > Toolbar and check the MathJax element.


4. With JEditor you can find and replace any text or HTML string with another string before your end-users see it

This is very useful when you have to urgently change a product name in all your Jira issues. Or an outside hostname/URL was changed and you need to reflect these changes in multiple Jira issues.

Instead of making changes to your Jira DB (may be unsafe, error-prone and will require some downtime), you can just configure a replace rule in JEditor Configuration > Replace.

JEditor's replace rules work on the server-side before the data are shown to end-users.
JEditor's replace rules don't change the actual value stored in Jira DB. Instead, JEditor corrects the data on the fly, during the rendering phase.

The replace rules are quite powerful and support Java regular expressions and replace groups. If you don't have much experience with Java regular expressions, please feel free to contact our support team asking for help.


5. With JEditor you can offer your customer portal users a proper rich text editor

JEditor for SD is a separate application for Atlassian Service Desk bundled with JEditor for Jira.

You can enable JEditor for the Description field, the Environment field, the Comment field or any multi-line custom field on your customer portals. It's possible to prepopulate the Description field with a template. Please feel free to contact our support team if you need to pre-populate a custom field.

Customer Portal without JEditor for SD:


Customer Portal with JEditor for SD:


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