Replace With

It's possible to use JEditor to replace certain strings/sub-strings when rendering data.

Important: Using this function will not make any changes to the data in the Jira DB. The Replace function only changes how the data are displayed. However, if a user starts editing and saves the changes done by the Replace function, the data in the DB will be updated.

To use this function navigate to JEditor Configuration > Replace.

The Replace field can contain:

  • a text string
  • a regular expression

This field cannot be empty.

The With field can contain:

  • a text string
  • a replacement text placeholder (such as $1)
  • an empty string (it can be empty)

To delete a replace rule, select it with a mouse and click the Delete Selected Rules button.

Note: be careful when using regular expressions. Without enough experience and understanding of how they work, it's very easy to degrade the server's performance.

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