Replace With

It's possible to replace sub-strings when rendering data with JEditor Renderer.

Important: Using this function will not make any changes to the data in the Jira DB. The Replace function only changes how the data are displayed. However, it also makes replaces in the editing mode and if a user starts editing and saves the changes, the data in the DB will be updated.

To use this function go to Jira administration > Apps > JEditor Configuration > Replace.

The Replace field may contain:

  • a text string
  • a regular expression (in JavaScript regexp format)

This field cannot be empty.

The With field may contain:

  • a text string
  • a replacement text placeholder (such as $1)
  • an empty string (it can be empty)

To delete a replace rule, click on it and then click the Delete Selected Rules button.

Warning: be careful when using regular expressions. Without enough experience with regular expressions, it's easy to create one that will degrade the rendering performance.

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