Exporting to PDF (built-in function)

There's a basic free PDF export option provided by JEditor. It's only possible to export the Jira Issue Search results. The PDF button only appears in List View on the search results page:

JEditor exports only visible search results. You need to configure the columns before exporting.

Using the browser to export search results to PDF

JEditor's PDF exporter doesn't support certain fonts. For example, it will not be able to properly export Chinese text.

To workaround this issue you can use browser's PDF printing feature instead of JEditor's PDF exporter to create the PDF. Enable the following module to print to PDF via the browser's print dialog:

  • Use browser to print PDF (com.jiraeditor.jeditor.pdf-print)

When the module is enabled, refresh the Issue Search page and click the PDF button. JEditor will open a new window with the search results table and start the printing dialog.

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