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Dear Clients,

As you probably know, Atlassian has announced their intent to discontinue Jira Server during the next 3 years gradually. For many of you, this means choosing between migrating to Jira Cloud and upgrading to Jira Data Center edition.

If you choose to migrate towards Jira Data Center, there's a Data Center certified version of JEditor available right now. JEditor Data Center has the same feature-set as JEditor Server and slightly better support terms (we respond faster and assign higher priority to the requests).

For those of you, who choose to migrate to the Cloud, we have some good news: we are working on the first cloud version of JEditor. Currently, we are aiming to release it by the end of 2021 Q2. The initial release will incorporate the most popular JEditor features:

  • Templates
  • Prepopulation
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom Styles
  • Replace
  • Jira Service Management support
  • Autolinking
  • Math support

If you want to get notified when we release JEditor Cloud, please create a support ticket or send a message to

Sincerely yours,
Alex Bobrovskikh

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