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Enabling JEditor for SD

If you use Atlassian Service Desk you may want to enable JEditor for the Description and/or the Comment field on the customer portal. To enable JEditor for SD, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Jira administration > Add-ons
  2. Select Manage add-ons
  3. Locate JEditor in the list of user-installed add-ons
  4. Expand JEditor's list of modules
  5. Enable these modules:
    1. JEditor for CP users
    2. JEditor SD Comment (if you want JEditor to render the Comment field on the customer portal)
    3. JEditor SD Description (if you want JEditor to render the Description field on the customer portal)
    4. JEditor SD Environment (if you want JEditor to render the Environment field on the customer portal)
  6. Navigate to JEditor Configuration > Settings
  7. Enable the Attach Uploads parameter
  8. Change the value of the Image Links parameter to Native Links
  9. Save

Enabling JEditor for the Agent's Comment field

By default, JEditor is not enabled for the agent comment field (Service Desk agents will not be able to switch to JEditor in the agent's view). Normal RTE/wiki editor will be displayed instead.

If you need JEditor in the agent comment field, enable the following module:

  • JEditor SD Agent Comment (com.jiraeditor.jeditor.ckeditor-sd-com-agent)

Please note that JEditor doesn't allow users to switch the editor to wiki mode in agent's interface.

Enabling JEditor Renderer

After enabling JEditor for SD modules you need to make sure that related Jira fields (comment/description/environment) can properly render data created by JEditor for SD. Switch the renderer of those fields to JEditor Renderer:

  1. Navigate to Jira administration > Issues
  2. Select Fields > Field Configurations to view all your field configurations
  3. Locate the field configuration related to your Service Desk project
  4. Click the Configure link to open the View Field Configuration page, which lists all system and custom fields in your Jira installation for that field configuration
  5. Click the Renderers link for a field you want to change.
    You need to enable JEditor Renderer for the fields that use JEditor on the customer portals.
    Clicking the Renderers link will take you to a page where you will have the option to select a renderer from all configured and available renderers
  6. This page will warn you if there are issues that will be affected by the change. If no issues will be affected then the warning does not show.
    From this page, choose the JEditor Renderer and click Update
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