Conflict between JEditor and Insight add-on


All possible icons are displayed on the JEditor's toolbar; changing toolbar settings in JEditor Configuration > Toolbar doesn't affect anything.

JEDITOR_CONFIGURATION_JIRA is undefined error appears in the browser console.


JEditor conflicts with a module of another add-on - Insight. This module is also an editor that loads its own configuration and breaks JEditor.

Possible workarounds

Disable the module that causes the conflict

  1. Go to JIRA administration > Add-ons > Manage add-ons
  2. Locate Insight and expand add-on's list of modules
  3. Find module named CK Editor(ckeditor) and disable it

After that JEditor should start working properly. There will be a minor impact on Insight's textarea - it may be displayed as a plain text field or as a JEditor's instance.

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